GrisDismation's Legends of Belize

Legends of Belize

Legends of Belize is a series of 10 paintings, 11 graphic art logos and 10 brief descriptions, which capture and document the Belizean mythological creatures that have taught, scared, and intrigued people for many generations.

GrissyG and Dismas were born in Corozal Town, Belize, Central America, but did not meet until 1999 in art class while earning their Associates Degree at Los Angeles Mission College (LAMC) in Sylmar, California. In 2003 during Painting class taught by Barbara Kerwin studio Arts chairwoman at LAMC, GrissyG and Dismas began a series titled Legends of Belize.

To develop Legends of Belize, information was compiled from childhood memories of the tales, books, Internet research, interviews with family and fellow Belizeans. GrissyG and Dismas also produced sketches developing the mythic creatures and included into the paintings visual clues and iconography that represent Belizean culture. From the sketches the final idea are deduced, painted and or sculpted in Dismas and GrissyG’s unique style and mediums.

GrissyG brings the folklore to life in sculptural paintings of the mythic female seductresses on 2’x 4’ wood panels, utilizing a wide range of mediums such as; metallic paints, wire, sculpey clay, aluminum foil, and other materials. GrissyG enrolled in a cake decorating class to learn new techniques which she incorporates with cake tips, gel mediums, metallic powders and paints to create detailed textures to make the mythical seductresses literally come out of the paintings.

Dismas communicates the eerie undertone told in the tales with paints of the male mythical creatures on 4’x 6’ canvas tapestries in a soak and stained technique. With a color pallet of yellow ochre and forest tones with compliments of metallic paint the myths are interpreted in an impressionistic style. Dismas also includes glow in the dark paints in the Cadejo painting that reveals a hidden image when the lights go out or it is illuminated by black light for an interactive and scary experience.

Artists of the 21st century, GrissyG and Dismas document and share their interpretation of Belizean myths for future generations to enjoy.


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