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Legends of Belize books

For centuries legends of terrifying creatures have been told in Belize, Central America. These legends have been captured and documented in a series of fine Art and books, painted, authored, and designed by artists and animators GrissyG and Dismas, together known as GrisDismation.

Born in Belize, the two collaborative artists and life partners have taken on a mission to document the Belizean myths in a series of Art and books. The books are artistically designed from cover to cover with detailed information and images of fine Art about Belizean folklore to present a cultural and educational experience.

The "Legends of Belize, Creature Book" and "Legends of Belize, A Series About Mythical Creatures That Dwell In The Jungles And Waters Of Belize." are available in e-book, paperback, Find where to purchase your copy at

Legends of Belize Creature Book includes fourteen Art depictions and descriptions of the legendary creatures.

The "Legends o…