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Creepy lil Halloween Animation

Have a Scary Halloween! This is a Creepy lil' animated Halloween Greeting from GrisDismation to you! Share and scare your family and friends. This 10 second animation includes a concept of an older Maya lady for a character in the Legends of Belize, Tata Duende, the animated movie, by GrisDismation, currently in production.

The Legends of Belize, Tata Duende, the animated movie is an ongoing project that documents and captures in film, the essence of the mythical folkloric gnome of Belize called Tata Duende. The mythical gnome is said to protect the animals and jungles of Belize.

Dismas and GrissyG, the producers for the animated movie are a husband and wife art team, both born in Belize, Central America, and have passionately developed a series of art, books, and now animated films to help preserve, document, and cherish Belizean mythology and culture. Stay tooned and join GrisDismation on social sites for more info, news, and behind the scenes exciting happenings! Look for Gris…

Halloween Creepy lil' Greeting!

As artists and animators, here at GrisDismation, GrissyG and I, Dismas, are always experimenting with animation and finding ways to send friendly hello greetings to our friends and family to let them know they're always on our minds. This photo is from a creepy lil' animated Halloween Greeting that we are woking on. The cool thing about this lil' 10 second creepy animation is that it shows a never before seen character from the Legends of Belize, Tata Duende the animated movie. The Legends of Belize, Tata Duende animated movie, currently in production is about a mythical gnome who protects the jungles of Belize in Central America. We are always dropping small reveals, test animations, and behind the scenes exciting stuff, so join us on our social sites! Look for GrisDismation, we're almost everywhere online!

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