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SeaReyna (See-ray-na)

Mixed media on 2 by 4 foot wood panel. By: GrissyG
SeaReyna is an enchantress of the seas, rivers and lagoons in Belize. According to legend, SeaReyna seduces fishermen to gain their love and  sometimes she will reveal the best fishing location. Although SeaReyna's beauty is irresistible, avoid touching her because her skin secretes poisons that can cause a strange form of seasickness that can lead to death.

Negro de Agua (Neh-gro, De, Agh-wa)

Acrylics on 6 by 4 foot Canvas tapestry. By: Dismas
Negro de Agua is a creature that protects the lagoons of Belize. According to legend, Negro de Agua dwells in deep underwater caves. Many people mistake Negro de Agua for an alligator or crocodile because he drags his victims to the bottom of the lagoon then consumes them and their soul.

Xtabai (Ish-ta-buy)

Mixed media on 2 by 4 foot wood panel. By: GrissyG The Xtabai is an evil spirit of Belize who appears as a beautiful woman. She seduces drunken men to follow her to her Ceiba tree. According to legend, the Xtabai whips her victim until he goes into a trance where he can lose his soul. Beware, the Xtabai is a malicious spirit that can appear as someone you know.

Beware of the mythical jungle man called Tata Duende

A sudden whirlwind of leaves and twigs followed by an eerie whistle sends a chill down your spine. An ugly little man wearing a big red hat tugs at your shirt. He politely asks you to show him your hands. You look down and notice he has backwards feet.
Never show the little man your hands…
This is the warning from our grandparents and elders. Beware the mythic spirit called Tata Duende who dwells in the jungles. Descriptions about the hideous spirit frightened us to not go into the jungles or play outdoors late at night. The warnings taught us what to do when and if we ever came in contact with the evil spirit, but most importantly, we learned how to avoid dangerous encounters.
A little bearded man with no thumbs, a big red hat and backwards feet are what some would describe as Tata Duende. Legend has it that no one can ever be sure if the spirit is coming or going because Tata Duende has backwards feet to confuse anyone who dares to follow it. Although, Tata Duende mostly appears in th…

Tata Duende (Ta-ta, Doo-en-dé)

Acrylics on 6 by 4 foot Canvas tapestry. By: Dismas
Tata Duende is a powerful spirit that protects the animals and jungles of Belize. According to legend, Tata Duende's presence can be felt upon entering the jungle. However, be extremely careful to not anger Tata Duende for his wrath can be deadly.

GrisDismation's Legends of Belize

Legends of Belize

Legends of Belize is a series of 10 paintings, 11 graphic art logos and 10 brief descriptions, which capture and document the Belizean mythological creatures that have taught, scared, and intrigued people for many generations.

GrissyG and Dismas were born in Corozal Town, Belize, Central America, but did not meet until 1999 in art class while earning their Associates Degree at Los Angeles Mission College (LAMC) in Sylmar, California. In 2003 during Painting class taught by Barbara Kerwin studio Arts chairwoman at LAMC, GrissyG and Dismas began a series titled Legends of Belize.

To develop Legends of Belize, information was compiled from childhood memories of the tales, books, Internet research, interviews with family and fellow Belizeans. GrissyG and Dismas also produced sketches developing the mythic creatures and included into the paintings visual clues and iconography that represent Belizean culture. From the sketches the final idea are deduced, painted and or sculpt…