GrisDismation' s Legends Of Belize, Tata Duende animation in preproduction

This is a Concept Art piece of GrisDismation's Legends Of Belize, Tata Duende, the animated movie. Currently in production. Art by Dismas/GrisDismation.

For centuries folklore and legends have been incorporated into various cultures and are told orally. These amazing stories and traditions are passed down from our elders and continue to fascinate many. GrissyG and I, Dismas, are artists, animators, and authors who are intrigued by the stories of supernatural happenings, ghosts, monsters and things that go bump in the night. For more than a decade we have been working on learning, documenting, and sharing folklore from Belize, the country we were born in. Belize is a wonderful tropical place in Central America with friendly people and delicious foods. It is a country rich with multicultural backgrounds and amazing folklore and legends. The mix of Maya, Garifuna, Mestizo, Mennonites, to mention a few, adds to the diverse and evolving culture of people, stories, ideas, and mythology. GrissyG and I love this and made it our personal journey to learn and share our knowledge and interpretation of the myths of our culture with the use of todays modern and digital mediums.

We share our Belizean mythology by providing keynote speeches and digital presentations to Universities and schools locally and abroad. We also authored, designed and created the Art and books titled "Legends Of Belize" Available here, Legends Of Belize, A Series About Mythical Creatures That Dwell In The Jungles And Waters Of Belize.  And with our study and fascination of the Belizean myths we are further documenting and sharing the ancient stories in short form animation. It is an ambitious project but we are passionate and determined. As of this post, we have more than three years in the preproduction of GrisDismation's Legends Of Belize, Tata Duende, the animated movie. The script is locked in, storyboards, and animatic are moving along and we are in the rough animation stage. Stay tooned and keep checking back here for updates and behind the scenes happenings. If you enjoy mythology, gnomes, magic, scary stories, and the unkown, these Belizean myths are sure to be a fascinating!

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Artist, animator, and author, Dismas


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